Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+)

13 May – 31 May


HYPER HOUSE presents the participatory installation ‘Gesthurladavataro’ by Rubén GoMo, curated by TODO BIEN.

Gesthurladavataro is a massive collaborative installation built from 3 public workshops in which participants are invited to get to know themselves through the creation of their own avatar. A project that aims to enlist an army of embryos designed to combat the depletion of biological bodies by detaching the ultra-cultural from the more physical self.

Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+) proposes an opportunity for an ambiguous environment in which to deploy intersections between gender and machinery, focusing on process materials that offer flexibility and repose for research and experimentation.

TODOBIEN is a space for artistic research and contemporary culture that develops its practice at an intersection between management and curatorship.


Rubén Gomo (Radioboy+) is an artist, convinced autodidact, deeply reflexive and extremely subversive. They generate theeir work by back-projecting from the future of truth: anti-gender, anti-speciesist, anti-gamic, anti-nationalist and technoprimitivist; and super-projecting from the past their construction as an artisan visual artist. In order to establish on the current real plane an infinite number of characters and narratives that, each in its own dystopian timeline and at different intensities of manifestation, bring together all the faces and nuances of the extinguishing political-social problems and their redeeming solutions. They currently create their plastic and digital work from thir studio in Alicante, collaborating exhaustively and anti-gentrifyingly with similar collectives (La cuarta piel, Asertos, Quatorze, Ecomercadet de Carolines, TODO BIEN) to improve life in the neighbourhood through active art.


Gesthurladavataro – Rubén GoMo (Radioboy+)