We are an independent space for contemporary creation located in Carabanchel that explores the intersections between the physical and the digital.

HYPER HOUSE is a creative space located in the Vista Alegre neighbourhood of Madrid that was born in 2022 with the aim of exploring the relationship between the physical and digital worlds, giving space to a series of expanded and experimental artistic practices. Headquarters of HYPER STUDIO, a creative studio specialising in art, design and technology.

The pandemic has accelerated - even more if possible - the process of digitalisation of our world. The physical is now inseparable from the digital, and vice versa. Digital techniques and technology encompass all branches of contemporary art and creation. That is why HYPER HOUSE focuses on this kind of practices, in order to bring them closer to the Madrid public and to investigate into the future.

In addition, the space acts as a meeting point for the emerging creative community, encouraging the exchange of ideas, concerns and knowledge in order to strengthen the cultural fabric of Madrid and expand its reach beyond the local context.

HYPER HOUSE is a project funded by the Ministry of Culture through the Grants for the Modernisation and Innovation of Cultural and Creative Industries (2023-24) and the Madrid City Council through the Grants for Independent Spaces for Contemporary Creation (2022-23). Board members of the Platform of Independent Spaces for Contemporary Creation.