Lab of Digital Experimentation

Centre for innovation, experimentation and creation with new media.

The digital experimentation laboratory is a space within HYPER HOUSE where artists and creators can develop creation, research and experimentation projects that address the relationship between the physical and digital worlds.

We have a wide spectrum of technologies (hardware and software) ranging from 3D printing and digital fabrication, interactive, sound space, metaverse, video games or extended realities.

We offer both technical and conceptual support for projects at any stage of development: from ideation to production and communication. If you have a project you want us to help you develop, write to house@hyperstudio.es

Digital Experimentation Residences

HYPER HOUSE has a permanent open call aimed at people interested in developing creative, research and experimental projects that address the relationship between the physical and digital worlds. The call is open all year round, so applications can be submitted at any time for assessment. Download the template, fill it in and send it in .pdf format to house@hyperstudio.es

--> Project template (ESP)

--> Full regulations (ESP)

Workshops on digital creation

For many artists and creators, technology is a major barrier to their creative processes. However, the creative community around digital is very broad and generous. That is why we are launching a series of experimental workshops that address different aspects of digital creation through various technologies, to bring them closer to the creative community in Madrid.

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HYPER HOUSE's Lab of Digital Experimentation was set up thanks to the Ministry of Culture's Cultural Innovation Grants (2023-24).