Apparel Dysphoria, Carlos Fernández-Pello

22 February – 10 March, 2024

HYPER HOUSE is pleased to present the exhibition 'Apparel Dysphoria' by Carlos Fernández-Pello, which will open as a choral installation of works and sculptural remains during Madrid Design Festival and will close during ARCO Contemporary Art Fair with the central piece chopped up in the form of new functional objects.

In recent years, e-commerce has exponentially accelerated the production and consumption of objects of all kinds, with a massive overproduction of new products that shortens the service life of existing ones. For three years now, Fernández-Pello has been investigating the possibilities of second-hand clothing as a design material. Combining this interest in the material excesses of the fashion industry with his previous line of sculptural work, in recent years the artist has begun to incorporate his own clothes into the creation of his pieces.

In this way he not only asks himself how clothes would behave if they were to experience an objectual dysphoria, if they wanted to be furniture, but also touches on a personal and professional dysphoria that has always run through his practice: what happens when one feels neither a sculptor nor a designer, if not all at once.

Through an organic installation, made from scraps of clothing and recycled work, ‘Apparel Dysphoria’ will try to reflect on the liquid identity between the art object and the design object, questioning their permanence and imagining a dark ecological future, in which human artefacts have acquired their own biological agency.


22 February – 10 March, 2024



23-24 February, 16-20h -> Carabanchel Diseña, Madrid Design Festival

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