dear ida dear vuelta, Laura Valdivieso and Raquel Vázquez

14 December, 2023 – 2 February, 2024

dear ida, dear vuelta is a digital correspondence with open reflections on the territories we inhabit and which inhabit us. It delves into the representation of our environments through a letter that travels from mailbox to mailbox in .blend format. It operates as a digital archive of a series of personal visits to places that arouse our curiosity or environments that we travel through in our daily lives. It forms a digital space in continuous expansion, a strong dialogue between two friends that opens up a possibility of speculative design where bodies, spaces and affections are related.

Correspondence, understood as a vulnerable space of exception, is part of a tradition of subjective writing along with memoirs, diaries and autobiographies. Writing letters or sending postcards are analogue emotional experiences that build intimacy and camaraderie between people; their content informs us about the impressions we gather about ourselves or about our particular view of things. It always involves at least more than one person. Small fragments of the world seem to be decoded when we write to each other, barely contained in a 10x15 cm sheet. The contemporary world, however, is going through a period of intense techno-scientific transformations and ecological imbalances that often distance us from the slow and reflective rhythms that accompany these processes.

This project aims to explore an affective and non-individualistic dimension of creative work with digital tools. We ask ourselves whether letters can contain digital models to manipulate and whether we can develop a personal language for reading them.

Laura Valdivieso and Raquel Vázquez were the winners of the open call HYPER HOUSE 2023, and this project has been designed specifically for the space. The installation is an immersive sensory experience that aims to recreate the intimate and affective space of correspondence for the viewing of the correspondence. It consists of three main elements: the screen support, the soft support and the body itself.

This exhibition is part of The Wrong Biennale 2023/24.


14 December 2023 – 2 February 2024



Thursdays 11, 18, 25 Jan and 1 Feb, 17-20h

For other dates, visits by appointment only, please write to house@hyperstudio.es


Laura Valdivieso

Raquel Vázquez



Sergio Pradana


Madrid City Council



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