CL34N, Luna Ki

27 – 29 October, 2022

"In 2019, when I started my music career, my life changed. As my music was reaching people, I was filled with happiness and felt fulfilled for the first time. I was seeing the light after so long in absolute darkness. From the beginning some people have said that my look was dirty, too trashy to be liked. From that moment I had a new purpose: to change my skin, to be more CLEAN. To be "clean" I had to change a lot of habits, do my part and do a lot of mental and physical health work. I had to distance myself from many people or worlds I had got into, I had to listen to myself and instead of defending myself, I had to learn to protect myself. I've learned a lot, I'm still getting strong. I am strong and vulnerable." – Luna Ki

CL34N presents the visual universe of the singer Luna Ki, with photographs by Miguel Reveriego and costumes by MNLO.


27 – 29 October, 2022

Opening: 27 October, 19-22h


Luna Ki, Miguel Reveriego, MNLO


Doble Cuerpo

IED Madrid