Destroy House, Ovidi Benet

23 February – 23 March, 2023

The new generations of thinkers and creators see destruction as the end of one cycle in order to move towards another, a future that is already here and that requires compensating for the effects of the previous period, in an essential union of ethics and aesthetics in a transparent, consistent and horizontal way.

In this context emerges DESTROY HOUSE, a site-specific installation by Valencian artist Ovidi Benet for HYPER HOUSE in which its own conception is built from its destruction, transforming us, making our attitude mutate and creating, as a result, a change. We search for beauty in the midst of chaos, we observe the instant after the tragedy. That sublime second in which we have not yet trained our gaze, in which that new sensation changes us.

Video © Sergio Pradana

Ovidi Benet (Dénia, 1990), designer by training and profession, he is obsessed with the "interior of the object", taking it as the central theme of his own statement: the object forms the space, the space is the object. His vision composes a generational portrait that combines disenchantment and the search for a new faith. This is embodied in an artistic expression configured from the action of destroying in order to reconstruct with an emphasis on the social and collective subject. In this way, Benet determines his mission: to understand design and art from the primitive vocation of their function, bringing truth to the element and covering a need in the user. Going back to the origins. His work has been exhibited in Madrid Design Festival (Madrid, 2022), Valencia Pavilion (Valencia, 2021), Aragon Park (Madrid, 2021), The Blink Project (Valencia, 2020), Viabizzuno (Valencia, 2020), 4 Stagioni (Valencia, 2019), among others.


23 February – 23 March 2023

Opening: 23 February, 19-22h

Visits by appointment by writing to house@hyperstudio.es


Ovidi Benet


Madrid Design Festival



Madrid City Hall

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