Motherlines / Vírdolor, EYIBRA and Óldo Erréve

2 December, 2023

On Saturday 2 December at 19h we presented for the first time in Spain 'Motherlines', a multimedia performance resulting from the collaboration between the Ukrainian performer EYIBRA and the Mexican digital artist Óldo Erréve. In addition, the performance will be accompanied by the installation 'Vírdolor', which shows the development process of their latest performance.

EYIBRA (Lviv, Ukraine 1993) and Óldo Erréve (CDMX, Mexico, 1993) began collaborating in 2021 after a residency at the Art + Technology Lab in LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). With a multidisciplinary approach, they create multimedia performances from performing arts and dance, electronic music and soundscape, digital arts and new technologies. Both are part of the collective MUXX.

'Motherlines' is a captivating and introspective multimedia performance that explores the themes of ancestral heritage, identity and queer expression. The piece draws on the rich Ukrainian tradition of polyphonic singing, which has been preserved and passed down predominantly by women throughout history. EYIBRA explores generational trauma in the relationship with their mother and grandmother through a fascinating exploration of the braid as a ubiquitous symbol in Ukrainian culture. On the other hand, Óldo Erréve expands the piece through a holographic scenography, 3D prints and live mapping, establishing a dialogue between sound and image, physical and digital.

'Vírdolor' is a multimedia installation that explores gender identity, bodily diversity and anti-patriarchal neo-masculinities; with an emphasis on technological prostitution, hypersexuality and the detachment from sex-capitalist consumerism. The installation represents a modern incarnation of the 'Varón de Dolores' from the deconstruction of two socially bifurcated corporealities, different worlds merging into one. This work is in development, thanks to the support of the artist-in-residence programme of Fabra i Coats (Fàbrica de Creació), Barcelona.

EYIBRA (@eyibra), Abraham Brody's alter ego, is a multimedia artist, performer, producer and musician. Their work explores issues of gender, sexuality, power, and identity using diverse media such as performance, music, and video art. They have collaborated with artist Marina Abramovic. Their work has been presented at the Barbican Centre & Southbank Centre London, Festival Berdache Barcelona, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Public Theater New York, Fondation Beyeler, Teatro de la Ciudad and Festival Ceremonia in Mexico, among others.

Óldo Erréve (@oldoerreve) is a digital performer and multimedia artist. Their work explores the organic-virtual incarnation as the imaginary of a process of transhuman mutation, represented graphically and scenically in multiple media. They have received a grant in the category of Interdisciplinary Creation with New Technologies from SNCA/FONCA, Mexico. Their work has been presented at Kampnagel Hamburg, Festival Berdache Barcelona, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Debaser Canada, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, BRIC Arts NYC, among others.


2 December 2023



Óldo Erréve


Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Cervezas Turia



Sergio Pradana