re/utopía, Carlos Klett and Pablo Sandoval

27 October – 4 November, 2023

From 27 October to 4 November 2023, HYPER HOUSE hosts 're/utopia' with works by Carlos Klett (Madrid, 1997) and Pablo Sandoval (Murcia, 1993). This exhibition brings together the results of the fifth edition of the artistic residencies of the same name, organised by Nigredo.tv with the collaboration of Modus Operandi Gallery.

Re/Utopia is based on the contemporary conflict faced by many artists and cultural managers: to remain in the capital or to migrate to nature. In these residencies the artists produce between two spaces: the headquarters of Nigredo.tv in the La Latina district of Madrid and their new space in the countryside in Murcia. This new headquarters, far from the acceleration, frustration and combativeness of the city, offers an opportunity to create from a place of care, observation, delight and transgenerational leisure; to then exhibit their results in different spaces prepared to receive the hustle and bustle of the capital, full of activity, opportunities and possibilities.

These residencies claim proximity, wellbeing, leisure and tranquillity as triggers for important artistic reflections linked to the approach of rural reutopia, exploring the construction of a possible utopia where the objectives of sustainable development are taken into account in order to achieve a full social, cultural and healthier life than that offered by a city.

This exhibition is part of the programme of the festival Luz Madrid in Carabanchel, with guided tours on 27 and 28 October from 16-20h.


27 October - 4 November 2023

Opening: 27 October, 19-22h

Guided tours Luz Madrid: 27-28 Oct, 16-20h

For all other dates, visits by appointment only, please write to house@hyperstudio.es


Carlos Klett, Pablo Sandoval



Nigredo.tv and Galería Modus Operandi


Luz Madrid



Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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